Framework for Action to implement the policies announced in the implementation of NEP 2020

Educational News Mar 27, 2021

For the first time in Bharat, ‘सार्थक EduVision’ - पाणिनी to PSLV’, a mega event for education, skill industry and allied sectors, was organised from 15-17th March, 2021 at RCVP Noronha, Bhopal (M.P.). The theme of inaugural edition collectively organized by Bharatiya Shikshan Mandal, Research For Resurgence Foundation in association with Technical Education Department of Madhya Pradesh Govt., R. G. Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya along with Bhoj Open University, Makhanlal Chaturvedi Journalism & Mass Communication University, Ravindranath Tagore University, M. M. Activ Sci-Tech Communications Pvt. Ltd., AICTE, UGC & NBA.

Central ministries of Education, Science & Technology, Skill, Sports, Women & Child Development, MSME, State governments & departments of Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Haryana, Himachal, Goa, Assam and Bihar, more than 100 universities, ISRO, DRDO, BARC, CEC and other such prestigious institutions participated. Corporates & publishers too, showcased their activities, achievements, vision & mission in this exhibition.

Compendious discussions took place in the conference's discussion sessions. Two Noble Laureates Prof. Muhammad Yunus and Shri. Kailash Satyarthi, Four Union Ministers, informative guidance was received from five Madhya Pradesh ministers, five educational administrators, 36 academicians and experts, including the Chief Minister.

Inspiring address by enthusiastic Chairpersons of Madhya Pradesh Private University Commission and Fee Determination Committee was also experienced.

These three days witnessed the participation of thousands of eminent people from various educational institutions of different states of Bharat. Along with these luminaries, large number of local students, teachers, parents and citizens of Madhya Pradesh visited and benefited from various attractions of the exhibition.

All the organizers, experts, demonstrators & other participating spectators of this grand academic expo present the following Framework for Action to implement the policies announced in the implementation of NEP 2020:

कृति संकल्प /Kriti Sankapl

1. We will continuously explore holistic, integrative and practical measures for realizing the purposeful vision of education.

2. We shall present the ideal of self-dependant educational institution through proper use of resources, adjustments and creative compilation to create self-reliant region, metropolis, city, village for self-reliant Bharat. For this purpose, we will work on innovative measures such as generous alumni, productive use of infrastructure, socially productive enterprises with the knowledge resources generated by the institute, etc.

3. Dialogue, coordination and co-operation are the mantras of purposefulness in the present age. Keeping this event as a direct example, we will plan bilateral, collective, synergetic mission mode projects.

4. Research is the only pedagogy of knowledge realisation and its productive application. We all shall resort to research and academic rigour at individual and collective levels to rekindle the spirit of Seers (ऋषि).

5. In order to provide fair opportunities to the talent of the people of Bharat, we shall work steadfastly to make all kinds of education in Bharatiya languages readily available, so that all works of comprehension, writing, translation etc. shall be done at the earliest.

6. We shall contribute towards the well-being of Acharyas, sustainability of existing and creation of new gurukulas for creating all-rounder, self-supporting citizens who are well versed in the art of learning through the study of five disciplines of Vedas, Science, Art, Yoga and Agriculture to make the gurukula education system mainstream.

7. We shall do Research, study and documentation to incorporate scientific elements of Gurukul education system into current education.

8. Values are equally essential along with education. With this view, we shall endeavour to make the education value based.

9. Building a prosperous society is essential for a self-reliant Bharat. For this, we will encourage direct participation of industry in educational processes like curriculum formation, direct work experience and teacher selection in the educational process, along with providing financial grant.



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